OKC Charity Smokes

Cigars and men have always had a special relationship

George Burns’ final wish isn’t hard for cigar lovers to understand. He was buried with three of his favorite cigars. He just couldn’t see himself in heaven without his constant companions of 70 years. Men in all walks of life love cigars. And they always have.

Cigar smokers are connoisseurs. They enjoy the good life, embrace tradition, have a love of contemplation, and a high degree of taste and refinement. They are successful in most of their endeavors. Such men enjoy celebrating their hard-earned status. Cigar smokers simply know how to enhance, prolong, and create special moments for themselves, either when relaxing alone, or celebrating with friends.

The bottom line is smoking a cigar extends the enjoyment of the aesthetic experience. It facilitates good conversation, eases the shyness of meeting new men, and raises the social impact of the assembly.

The Oklahoma City Charity Smokes is an evening that will help children—and transform men.

Join us for a special “Guys Night” at the India Shrine Center!